ARKWEAR aims to save the animals of the world, in the spirit of Noah and the story of the ark. Our brand raises awareness and funds for wildlife conservation with a new collection of endangered species apparel each year. We design and embroider our clothing with iconic yet threatened animals that are vulnerable to extinction, to inspire people to protect these creatures for future generations.

ARKWEAR’s goals reach beyond preservation. We also strive to provide our customers with a way to get involved and support their favorite animals. Now you can choose a variety of colors, fabric, fit and styles all while protecting our most vulnerable wildlife.

How is ARKWEAR helping the animals?

ARKWEAR gives 5% of sales to the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS).

ARKWEAR is proud to collaborate with WCS to fulfill our brand mission and promise to our customers.

WCS is one of the oldest and largest conservation organizations in the world, working to protect half of the world’s biodiversity, while ensuring a positive impact on millions of people.

Andreas von der Goltz, Founder